Reflexology for Cancer Care

Improves health and wellbeing

Reflexology for Cancer Care

Getting a diagnosis of cancer for yourself or a loved one has to be one of the most frightening experiences in life. Treatment can involve surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormonal drugs. During this time the patient will need a lot of support, this will involve practical support, and also support for the mind, body and spirit.
This is where Complementary therapies such as reflexology come in and can be of huge benefit to the patient and their carers. Reflexology for Cancer care is an adapted reflexology treatment addressing specific symptoms present in each treatment.

Physical Benefits:

  • Can lower pain levels and result in lower medication
  • Can help with constipation, diarrhoea and nausea
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Helps body tissue heal and repair from the effects of treatment
  • Can help to optimise liver and kidney function resulting in increased efficiency in detoxification and elimination processes
  • Lymphatic Drainage can be beneficial in the treatment of lymphodema of the arm or leg
  • Reduces muscle tension and thus can help relieve pain
  • Can boost energy levels and aid sleep
  • Can help with the side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, analgesics and other forms of medication
  • Can help in the treatment of chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy
  • Can boost energy levels

Emotional and Spiritual Benefits

  • Helps to relieve stress, fear and anxiety and promote relaxation
  • Helps to manage depression
  • Provides an opportunity for touch which is very healing
  • Gives the patient a chance to express themselves in a safe space
  • Helps to balance and normalise the body
  • Gives them the opportunity to feel pampered and looked after
  • Provides a safe space for the client to talk about their illness, treatment, fears or hopes

The treatment

A Luxurious hot towel cleanse is included at the beginning, unless feet are hyper-sensitive due to peripheral neuropathy. Treatment is adapted and very specific to the needs of the client on the day. Lots of lovely relaxation techniques are included and clients are free to sleep or chat about specific symptoms. Reflexology lymphatic draining may be used or incorporated into the treatment depending on the presenting symptoms.
Clients experience a deep sense of relaxation. This can be a temporary release for the person with a terminal illness from stress, pain and anxiety. Muscle tension and pain is reduced as a result, and the nervous system produces endorphins which improve the mood and aid in better sleep.
Please note that signed medical consent is required from your oncologist if you are currently undergoing treatment or GP if you have completed your treatment, prior to commencement of reflexology sessions. Where clients are currently undergoing treatment, I request guidance from the medical team in relation to the best timing for treatments to ensure that the medication has an opportunity to do what it needs to do. Reflexology does not claim to cure or treat any condition but is an ideal complementary therapy in partnership with your medical team.
A small number of mobile treatments are available to clients unable to attend the clinic or for end of life care.