Integrated Energy Therapy


‘Healing one heart at a time’

What is Integrated Energy Therapy®

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) is one of the most powerful methods of effectively shifting patterns in the human energy field and releasing dysfunction issues and behaviours for good. Integrated Energy Therapy® is the art of healing with the pure energy of the Angels. It has been described as one of the next generation, hands-on, power energy therapy systems that gets the “issues out of your tissues” for good.

When our lives are affected by emotional or physical stresses, i.e. frustration, grief, powerlessness, fear, guilt, shame or negative thinking, the flow of our life energy becomes restricted or blocked. These energy blockages limit our experience of life and can result in lack of spontaneity, low energy, feelings of unrest, low self-esteem, agitation or disease. IET uses a Unique Cellular Memory Map® to target specific areas where these memories are stored helping to release them on all levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When these blocks are cleared, your energy field is more balanced and the vital life force can flow freely through it, enabling you to move to your natural state of being: Pure Joy.

IET uses the divine angelic energy ray to work directly with one’s 12-strand spiritual DNA to re-align and re-balance the body. Once the energy field is clear and the body has become re-balanced, we find ourselves free of limitations to our good health, life purpose, prosperity and creativity. IET can, therefore, be a tremendously empowering experience.

As a certified IET Master I work with your energy body to remove blocks and rebalance your energy system back to its natural state of ease, trust, happiness and freedom. IET is a method of total integrity that is always client focused and working for the highest good of all.

Benefits of IET:

  • Increase your sense of well-being, life purpose, happiness, creativity, health and prosperity.
  • Painlessly identify and release your deeply suppressed feeling and your core cellular memories.
  • Have more fulfilling, loving relationships in all areas of your life.
  • Discover your soul’s mission in life.
  • Support your self-healing at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
  • Provide gentle yet powerful support for survivors of childhood traumas such as physical and sexual abuse, alcoholic and dysfunctional families.
  • Provides gentle support and self-empowerment for children, teenagers and adults who have experienced bullying.
  • Increase your connection to the loving and nurturing spirit of the Divine.
  • Remove limitations so that you are empowered to live the best possible life.
  • Experience the feeling of pure joy.