Ear Candling

Thermal Auricular Therapy

Ear candling is an ancient, complementary therapy designed to help treat conditions associated with the ear, nose and throat. It is a technique that involves placing a hollow cone shaped candle made of unbleached cotton, soaked in beeswax, honey and/or herbs into the ear canal to stimulate the ear a facilitate deep relaxation in addition to the relief of symptoms.

How does it work?

As the candle burns down and heats up, rising air in the column creates a very mild suction effect at the base which may help to loosen compacted earwax. At the same time the beeswax and other ingredients of the candle are vaporised, and this creates a downward spiral of air into the ear canal where gentle pressure waves and sound from the sizzling ingredients massage the eardrum.

As the ear nose and throat are interconnected this regulates and balances pressure in the ears as well as the entire respiratory tract. The sinuses are drained, and clients notice clear breathing and an improved sense of smell.

Due to the proximity of the major energy meridians to the ear, important energy points, lymphatic nodes and reflexes are stimulated during an ear candling session and the aroma of the ingredients in the candle induce a deep sense of relaxation during the treatment.

Ear candling does not claim to cure any disorders but may be beneficial in the treatment of the following conditions:

Bell’s Palsy

Colds and flu

Ear ache

Loosening excessive earwax

Glue ear

Hay fever/ allergies


Hearing difficulties


Meniere’s disease

Pressure changes

Obstructive sleep apnoea



Swimmers ear

Sore Throat (pharyngitis)

Beneficial for frequent fliers

Natural alternative to ear syringing

Note:  Ear candling does not remove ear wax from the ear however, it can assist in the loosening of compacted wax which may drain from the ear in the days following a course of treatments.

Facial Cupping is also available as an optional additon to this treatment. Also, may be beneficial in the treatment of many of the conditions listed above, facial cupping is deeply relaxing and has many anti-ageing benefits.