Dien Chan Zone

Deeply relaxing but powerful and unique healing modality

Dien Chan Zone® Italian Facial Reflexology.

Dien Chan Zone® Italian Facial Reflexology, is a deeply relaxing but powerful and unique healing modality which was created to give everyone the power to heal themselves. Dien Chan Zone® originated in Vietnam as a multireflexology with the use of needles but has been developed in Italy by Beatrice Moricoli and Vittorio Bergagnini. By using the body’s nervous system it can offer relief to those suffering interior disharmonies and pain whether acute or chronic. The face reflects every type of pain and disharmony within the body and by working in proximity to the brain and the five sense organs, Dien Chan Zone® allows reflex systems to mobilise faster than foot reflexology. It is a potent and empowering technique for clients to work in partnership with the therapist in improving their own health and wellbeing.

What to expect during a treatment.

The initial consultation involves a detailed discussion on symptoms and history, followed by a very specific protocol, and stimulation of selected zones and points to aid rebalance in the body. Treatments can be carried out while a client is seated on a chair or lying on a massage bed. While most clients prefer to lie on a therapy bed, Dien Chan Zone® is an ideal treatment for those with mobility issues or who require use of a wheelchair. Treatment maps are selected and using a hand-mirror, receivers (those receiving the treatment), are then given a tutorial where they learn to work zones and specific points in relation to their current symptoms.


Self-treatment following consultation.

Home treatments are very effective and can be applied by use of rounded instruments or fingers. They continue treatment using their maps and a mirror at home for a 21-day period, followed by a 7 day rest from treatment. Where appropriate receivers are also taught simplified massage techniques which can amplify treatments for conditions e.g. constipation. While operators/therapists use specific tools during Dien Chan Zone® treatments, something as simple as the rounded end of a pen or a crochet hook can be very effective in terms of cost and convenience or the receiver can simply work on the area using their fingers. Continuing the treatment at home allows the receiver to become more aware of their own health and how to intervene at the first sign of illness in their bodies. Facial Reflexology, like all reflexologies is more effective the more consistently it is applied.

Conditions benefiting from treatment

  • Sinus and respiratory problems
  • Muscle/joint aches and pains including cramps, lumbago and sciatica
  • Neck and back pain
  • Digestive problems and allergies/intolerances/constipation
  • Urinary conditions/fluid retention/cellulitis/heavy legs
  • Menstrual pain and hormonal imbalances
  • Panic attacks/anxiety/sleep disorders
  • Fertility issues

Benefits of Dien Chan Zone® Italian Facial Reflexology

  • One treatment followed by a 21 day treatment plan for the receiver to work on at home
  • Reduces the need for weekly treatments while empowering the client to take responsibility for their own journey to wellness
  • Easy to follow self-treatment maps and massage sequences
  • Empowering for receivers to take an active role in relief of symptoms.
  • Improves circulation
  • Deep relaxation of the nervous system
  • Returns the body to its natural state of balance (Homeostasis)